As your Mayor

Public Safety will be #1 priority. 

I will work to expand the Youth Assessment Center to reduce juvenile crime.

I will focus on fiscal responsibility to ensure taxpayer dollars are used in a thoughtful and prudent way.

I want to collaborate on workforce development and sustainable growth by bringing business, labor, and education organizations together to work on this need. 

I plan to review Boards and Commissions to ensure fair and open processes. 

I will assemble a task force to discuss and develop a work-plan on street repairs.


I grew up in Davenport.  After graduating high school, I joined the Army and spent over 20 years as an Airborne Ranger and retired as a Special Operations Sergeant Major. I earned my college degree while in the Army. I have now taught ROTC at Central High school for over 16 years. 


I have served over a decade on the Davenport city council as the 8th Ward Alderman, Mayor Pro Tem, Public Safety Chairman and now currently serve as the 7th Ward Alderman and Finance Chairman.


I raised my family here. My wife and I teach here. I am vested here. I believe in the people of Davenport. I will listen to you. I will be a voice for all! I ask for your support for Davenport Mayor.